Love Champagne?

Want to be the champagne guru of your own wine club?

So you can use your champagne-savvy to out-champs your friends?

Impress your boss?

Or just to feel smug at dinner with your in-laws?

Hey… I’m Marnie

Chief Champagne Fan and Blogger

And I really, really, really love champagne.

I mean, I love it enough to quit my ‘day job’ and dive head first into life as all-in champagne blogger/writer/nerd.

I don’t have any fancy wine qualifications… I’ve learnt what I know about champagne going to master classes and champagne dinners, visiting Champagne, talking to champagne makers, tasting and re-tasting champagnes. And I did most of it all by my lonesome….

Which was annoying! I knew my friends loved champagne, they wanted to drink more champagne, and most of them even wanted to learn more about champagne. But they also wanted to have a FUN doing it together and still be able to pay the mortgage and the kids’ school fees.

Somehow fun, affordable, social, young, and relatable just didn’t seem to be how the champagne world worked. So I started Bubble and Flute, to help ANYONE who wants to learn more about champagne  with their friends and on a sensible budget… without the ballgowns and bulls$%#.

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I'm not around right now... I am probably tasting champagne or sleeping. But please send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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