B&F events for Happy Champers

Did someone say champagne events?

Are planning a special event – maybe a ladies lunch or classy hens party – and want to do something different and fun, and drink champagne?

Or do you just love champagne and want to do a tasting with your friends without the ball gowns or bulls#*& that usually go with champagne events?

You just need five friends and we can plan a champagne party to your budget (a champagne rookies’ package would start at about $150 a head… you will be drinking champagne after all).

To get an idea for how I talk about champagne, check out my you tube channel

We also host our monthly Sunday arvo champagne session in Brisbane, with six different champagnes all served by the glass. We pour champs you can’t normally get by the glass so you can try it without paying out for a whole bottle.

Email marnie@bubbleandflute.com for more info… I would LOVE to hang out, drink bubbles, and be a bit of a champagne nerd for you and your friends!

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I'm not around right now... I am probably tasting champagne or sleeping. But please send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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